The Survival Series - Surviving Staff Meeting August 13 2009

I watch The Office religiously (the premiere is September 17th), and this opening reminded me of countless back-to-school staff meetings. So I came up with two Bingo games that might make these staff meetings more fun to attend.

You'll need to have Bingo boards copied ahead of time, and directions on how the games are played. Then you can decide as host of the game which one to play first, or the staff can decide as a whole.

 Surviving Staff Meeting Bingo Board

EduLingo Bingo

Fill each square with education buzz words. When a word from the gameboard is spoken, the player can mark that square. Five marked squares in a row is a Bingo.

An easier version would be to count words that are written down, such as on a Staff Meeting Agenda.

Although some lingo depends on your region, here are some suggestions: Response to Intervention, School Improvement Plan, Benchmark, Scoring Guide, Rubric, Curriculum, Assessment, and Testing.

Acronym Bingo

This is similar to Edulingo Bingo, only using acronyms instead of buzz words. Acronyms may also vary by region, but some I’m familiar with include RTI, ELL or ESL, SIP, SPED, PBS, and TACT. Because of the education stimulus funding, you can add ARRA, ESEA, and ED.

Again, five squares marked in a row is a Bingo. If your staff meeting has a specific purpose such as Reading Assessment or Testing, then choosing words will be slightly easier. Also, making up a list ahead of time so each player uses the same words would also help level the playing field.


Some fun ideas could include a week without bus duty, a six pack of the winner's favorite beverage, or candy! Prizes, though, are ALWAYS good!