Wacky Wednesday - Show Me the Money! August 05 2009

Few activities are more fun than singing a song about geology to the tune of "Hokey Pokey." Even as an intermediate teacher, I used songs and chants to reinforce vocabulary, knowledge and skills.

And for today's Wacky Wednesday, I found a few songs about money in a couple of different styles. Clear your throats and get ready to sing - but first, my own original contribution:

Pennies, Nickels, Dimes & Quarters
(to the tune of Heads, Shoulders, Knees & Toes)

Pennies, Nickles, Dimes
and Quar-ters! (Quarters!)
Pennies, Nickles, Dimes
and Quar-ters! (Quarters!)
One and Five and Ten
Then Twenty-Five!
Pennies, Nickles, Dimes
and Quar-ters! (Quarters!)

The Money Song
(Tune: Itsy, Bitsy Spider)

1 cent is a penny,
10 cents is a dime,
5 cents is a nickel,
Now you know that I'm...
learning about the money,
and which coin is which.
Don't forget the quarter-
It's worth 25 cents!

(Courtesy of Mrs. Jones' Room)

The Cents Song

The Money Rap

Last Week's Winner!

Lucy P. was the lucky recipient of the Free Calendar Modular Flip Chart! Her comment:

At the beginning of the year I like to have my students find out about the day they were born, hear stories and look at their birth certificate,baby footprint, etc. Then it would be neat to use the flip chart to locate the day of the week they were born on and what day of the week their birthday will fall on when they’re a certain age. We also use a calendar for the month to locate cool number patterns.

Enjoy the Calendar!

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Do you have a favorite song you use while teaching? Leave a comment and share your experience or your song!

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