The Portable Word Wall July 28 2009

Great for Vocabulary Reinforcement!

The Portable Word Wall

A Great Deal at $26.95!

Word Walls are wonderful as vocabulary reinforcement for a unit of study.  This format appeals to me in particular because it’s easy to collect and organize vocabulary; it was also a strategy I was trained in to use with English Language Learners. There is also an implied challenge to fill in every letter, which can be tricky depending on the unit of study. (Although, my 4th graders did decide to stretch the structure, using “exothermic” for “x” during our study of matter).

What else do I like about the Portable Word Wall?

  • Use with small group and/or whole group instruction
  • Fold it up, move it around (I never had enough wall space)
  • Instead of writing straight onto the board itself, cut 3x5 cards in half and write vocabulary words in marker so they’re easy to see.
  • To use the Portable Word Wall again and again, attach the 3x5 cards with scotch tape or reusable adhesive putty that leaves no residue behind.

Suggested Uses

Working Together - Every other day, start or end your lesson with the Portable Word Wall, asking small groups or the whole group for suggestions of what vocabulary to add that pertains to the unit of study.

Create Competition – Assign each of your small groups a color and provide specific times each day or so to contribute vocabulary words to the Portable Word Wall, but they MUST write their words in their assigned color! The group with the most of their color gets a special prize at the end of the unit.

On Your Own – Create a similar Portable Word Wall structure and make a copy for each student. I’ve found that 11”x17” paper works the best – the squares are big enough for kids to write in more than one or two vocabulary words. Then have them do a Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt for words that pertain to your unit of study. They can share these words with the whole group and contribute to the Portable Word Wall!

However you decide to use it, it's a great deal at $26.95!