Last Chance for Summer Fun! July 27 2009

As a stay-at-home mom, I call August "The Kiss of Death." The novelty of summer has worn off, the temperature goes into triple digits, and we're all hot and fairly cranky.

I've come against "The Kiss of Death" for enough years now that I try to plan for it. I save some fun summer activities especially for August to give us all some family time to look forward to.

If you've not made a plan for August, now is the time! Here are some suggestions:

  • Zoo or Aquarium - Do you have one (or both) of these in town? Pack a lunch and take a special day trip to one of them, spending the day in the wild!
  • Water Fights - Plan one for a hot August afternoon with family, friends or neighbors. Schedule a specific time and place for the water fun to start, then spend the hours beforehand preparing. Gather up water guns, splash balls, and hoses. Don't forget to fill up water balloons and spare buckets! Afterward, have some popsicles for a snack!
  • Camping - We usually plan a camping trip in the middle of August since we can count on nice weather. Campgrounds can fill up far in advance, so if you can, try to make a last-minute midweek reservation. If that's not possible, consider using your backyard for a family camp-out. If you have a trampoline, have a family sleepover on that instead of having to set up tents!
  • Local Fun - Search out the neighborhood pools or splash parks. Hike a local trail and take a picnic along. Plan to visit as many Farmer's Markets in your area that you can before August is over!

Plan one or two activities a week for the month of August for your family to anticipate, and make the most of the last weeks of summer!