Back-to-School Fun with the Word Wall July 23 2009

I remember placing every single letter and word on my word wall. I had the train word wall, and the kids loved it. I'd see their little eyes peeking up while writing, and I knew all the work I put into it was worth it. 

When To Use the Word Wall

My students referred to the word wall daily during any and all subjects, but especially during writer's workshop. I also remember having to cover the word wall during state testing. Yet, as I covered it I knew that the students had memorized many of these words. During testing, I saw them glance up forgetting it was not there, and then remembering the words on their own. If they see it enough times, they'll remember, and they did.

Here are a few fun word wall questions to get the students started:

  1. Do you see a word that starts with the same letter as so, but rhymes with bee? 
  2. Do you see a word that names the number after one? 
  3. Do you see a word that begins with “h” and rhymes with mouse?
  4. Do you see a word that rhymes with mat and starts with “c”?
  5. Do you see a little word hiding inside the word hand?