Top 5 Fun Summer Activities July 30 2009

Every teacher I know has been planning already for the new school year. Only a month remains before teachers in my area officially go back to work.

So it’s time to get in that last-minute fun! At the beginning of the summer, it seems like I have all the time in the world, and there are so many opportunities for fun that I feel overwhelmed.

But instead of giving in, at this point in the summer I focus my attention on those activities that I consider Summer Musts! I make sure I have my camera with me to take pictures for all of the Summer Stories I want to tell, both in my scrapbooks and with the kids in my classroom!

Summer Reading

Kids get great prizes from the local library for completing a summer reading calendar. At this point of the summer, my kids are usually a bit behind, so we gear up to finish their summer reading! I also have a stack of books that I prioritize so I can finish a couple - there's nothing like a good book while sitting in the sun.

Water Parks

For us, I mean the local community Splash Pads or Parks, or even the neighborhood swimming pools. Pack up the water gear, towels and a picnic for a fun summer day!

The Beach

We live only a couple of hours from the beach, so that’s really easy for us. For those who don’t live near the ocean, it might be spending time hiking or at a lake, or visiting a local monument or memorial.

Something Scary

Summer wouldn’t be complete without trying a new (and often scary) activity. In the past, these have included licking a banana slug (not poisonous), riding a roller coaster (not fun for me), and horseback riding. The scary activity has always been worth the effort, and is by far the most interesting story of the summer.


Nothing can compare to chocolate and marshmallow squished between twin graham crackers, and summer is the best time to eat them! It’s really the only time of year you can get that nice, charcoal sear on the outside of a marshmallow. And, if you're eating a S'More, chances are you're doing something else that's fun!

Spend a little bit of time to focus on what activities you would like to do to make the best Summer Stories when you return to the classroom. Then get out there and have some fun! And don't forget to take your camera!