Frugal Friday! July 17 2009

What is Frugal Friday?

Teachers don't do it for the money. When I first started teaching and complained about not being creative enough for fancy bulletin boards, a colleague told me that I didn't have to be creative - I needed to be resourceful.

Teachers beg, borrow, scrimp and save, building valuable skills of resourcefulness along the way. In honor of teachers who, like me, love FREE stuff, I provide this entry every Friday, highlighting one or two items that are free, extremely cheap, or just a plain good deal.

What is a Good Deal?

A good deal is not necessarily cheap or free. Sometimes I consider a product good because it can be used in more than one way. Or a product can be high quality at a reasonable price. And sometimes a good deal isn't a product at all, but rather an opportunity or an idea.

How Can I Find Good Deals?

First of all, you're in the right place. Secondly, people who find good deals love to share - nothing can replace Braggin' Rights! If you find an incredibly good deal, leave a comment and share with the rest of us! The more people share, the more we save, and the more resourceful we become.

What Can I Get?

Each week, there will be an opportunity for you to share those great ideas you have with the rest of us, just leave a comment! When you do, you'll be entered into a contest for a FREE SPOTLIGHTED PRODUCT. This week's product? A set of  TRC Book Pouches.

On the following Frugal Friday post, your idea will be shared with everyone - Braggin' Rights with your own personal audience!

Today's Deals

Sports Illustrated KIDS offers a special grant program, all you have to do is apply. If you're classroom is chosen, then you'll receive free Sports Illustrated KIDS for each of your students once a month during the school year!

A free poster about kids and calcium, through the Milk Matters promotion.

Don't forget to leave a comment with your great Frugal Friday tip and be entered to win!