Back-to-School Name Game July 13 2009

Use the portable Desktop Pocket Chart and Magic Wall to play this fun back-to-school name game!

It’s the first day of school and you’ve got new names and faces. This is the perfect time to play a name game while learning about vowels, consonants and syllables.

Many teachers are already familiar with using Sheron Brown's All Sorts of Sorts books, which have a wealth of word study activities. This activity takes her word sort idea and incorporates it into a fun back-to-school activity.



  1. Explain the definition of vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and consonants (all letters that are not vowels).
  2. Teacher writes “vowel” and “consonant” on the white board
  3. Students write “vowel” and consonant” in two of the boxes at the top of the page (The other two can be left blank and saved for another word sort.)
  4. Ask the students to cut out the words “vowel and “consonant” and past them to the top of the piece of construction paper. Set aside craft supplies.
  5. Ask the students to write their names on their portable white boards with dry erase markers.
  6. Ask each student to read his/her name aloud (class repeats).

Students write all names onto the blank word sort paper (pg. 167) as teacher writes the names on her large white board. Before the teacher writes the name she says, “Does his/her name begin with a vowel or consonant?”

e.g.   vowel         consonant

Alana          Sofia

After every name has been said aloud and the teacher has written it on the board, the students begin to cut and paste each name onto their construction paper under either “vowel” or “consonant”.

Note:  This game can also be done with syllables.

Here’s an example.


1            2          3 (or more)

Steve     Sara      Sofia

Dan       Kelly      Alana

Small Group Work & Literacy Center Use the desktop pocket chart to do the same activity with a small group, especially students needing more help.  Students ready for more challenging work can complete another word sort activity.

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All Sorts of Sorts Written by Sheron Brown

Back-to-School Name Game Designed by Carol Brooke