Plan Now for Veteran's Day! July 01 2009

 I know, November seems far into the distance, an eternity away. But this week culminates in the Fourth of July holiday, which brings to mind those who have fought for the freedoms we celebrate this time of year.

Here are a few quick tips for planning a project for Veterans Day:

  • Discuss the significance of Veterans Day
  • Keep it simple. If you want to send a care package, collect items to send one, or maybe two. Put a parent volunteer in charge of collecting and packaging the items to send. If you decide to send letters, put them in one large envelope all together - don't put them in individual envelopes.
  • Provide structure for the "Thank You" letter or card. For example, start with "Dear Soldier," include a message of thanks, and sign the letter with a first name only.

Here are some projects of varying degrees of commitment your class could use to appreciate soldiers this Veterans Day:

Overseas Coupon Program -  have the coupons pre-clipped and provide a collection box.

Treat Any Soldier  -  send care packages for soldiers serving in harm’s way
Letters to Soldiers  - Have kids type their letters directly onto the website form.
Care Package Project  - Send handwritten and decorated letters
Teachers & Troops
Happy Fourth of July!