Top 10 Classroom Uses for Highlighter Tape May 13 2009

A Removable Alternative to Permanent Highlighter Pens

Affordable, non-destructive, removable highlighter tape has myriad uses in your K-6 classroom!

Teachers want to teach their kids to show respect for and take care of classroom learning materials, books, journals, maps, charts, etc. But we also need to give students an easy way to highlight text in the process of completing tasks and activities as part of our lesson plans and learning centers.

The perfect solution to highlighting something, but not permanently, is removable highlighter tape! You can use it to highlight words, phrases and sentences in books and big books without doing damage.

This sticky, removable, repositionable alternative to highlighter pens comes in six vivid colors. Its transparency allows you to see what’s underneath and you can even write on it! And it comes in three different sizes to meet any highlighting need in your classroom.

Use these removable tapes if you don't want a permanent highlight. The tape will stick securely and is easy to reposition and remove. Once applied, students can see the original text through the tape.

See Through It, Write On It and Remove It!

The benefits of this invaluable and inexpensive classroom tool include:

  • Non Destructive - sticks securely, yet removes easily without damage to most surfaces.
  • Fun and Colorful - vivid colors can't be missed, making color coding quick and easy, yet its transparent feature allows you to see what is underneath.
  • Economical - use as much or as little as you want of these affordable tapes; each tape is 393 inches long and comes in its own, easy-to-use dispenser.
  • Versatile - Write on it, see through it, edit with it, remove it, and refill it!

The small reels of removable highlighter tape are in various colors and widths for key wording or marking important text in books, maps, sheet music, journals, pocket chart cards, classroom posters, big books and much more!

A removable alternative to permanent highlighter pens, highlighter tapes in easy-to-use dispensers, enable teachers and students to mark letters, words, sentences, etc., can be moved around as needed and is non-destructive! Removable highlighter tapes come in six bright, translucent colors: yellow, green, orange, pink, blue and purple.

Removable highlighter tape works particularly well on white paper with black text. The tape can be used to instruct students with specific learning difficulties; allowing you to mark out specific letters, word chunks, keywords, etc. or to highlight important sections of text.

Different Widths for Different Uses

Highlighter tape is a colorful, fun, effective way to help learners focus on learning: highlight word boards, vocabulary words in text, rows or columns of numbers, words and/or spelling problems, and more.

Thin Highlighter Tape - available in yellow, 1/3” and 1/6” thin highlighter tapes come in 393” rolls in their own dispenser. These thin tapes are great for highlighting small type!

Half-Inch Highlighter Tape - available in all 6 colors (yellow, green, orange, pink, blue and purple), the 1/2” rolls come in their own dispensers and are 393” in length. Highlight multiple lines of small type or a single line of larger type!

Wide Highlighter Tape - also available in all 6 colors (yellow, green, orange, pink, blue and purple), these 1 7/8” wide tapes come in their own dispensers and are 393” in length. Refills are also available so that you can refill and reuse the wide highlighter tape dispensers. Perfect for highlighting letters, chunks or words on jumbo-sized cards!

Top 10 Classroom Uses for Removable Highlighter Tape

  1. Reading Centers - highlighter tapes are great to highlight words and paragraphs without harming the text in books or other documents as part of your reading center activities. Students can apply tape and then write over text in pencil or ballpoint pen in order to practice writing letters and words or to scribble notes without harming school books and other materials.
  2. Focus and Attention - you can also use the fluorescent highlighter tape to capture students’ attention and keeps their focus on exactly what you want, helping the kids improve their reading comprehension skills. Students can change their minds as to what needs to be highlighted and edit their work by simply repositioning the tape on the page!
  3. Music Centers - music teachers will appreciate highlighter tape for marking music scores for students; marking musical passages that need extra practice or special attention … all without damaging the music score!
  4. Early Literacy Skills - the handy highlighter tape sticks right onto sentence strips, word cards, even classroom books…and easily peels off to use again! Perfect for drawing extra attention to important words, syllables and phonics sounds.
  5. Special Needs Instruction - teachers with Title 1, ESL/ELL and/or special needs students will find removable highlighter tape invaluable in the classroom. Many children with autism or other special needs often demonstrate relative strengths in their reading recognition skills (decoding), but may have difficulty understanding what they have read (comprehension); try having students highlight keywords or phrases and then scribble notes or translations on the tape!
  6. All Purpose Classroom Use - highlighter tapes gives educators an affordable, non-destructive means to highlight text anywhere you need, including tasks such as highlighting key words pertaining to a reading comprehension question.
  7. Color Coding and Organization - different colors of highlight tape can be used to encode different significant concepts (e.g., blue highlighter to mark dates, yellow highlight tape to mark people, etc.). Color coding materials is always a great organizational strategy; you can use highlighter tapes to color code materials according to your lesson plans or instruct students to color code words, phrases, etc. as part of any learning center activity.
  8. Geography Centers - have your students use highlighter to mark locations on maps or charts to reinforce their knowledge of states, regions, cities, etc.
  9. Word Study - place highlighter tape over specific words or phrases on your word study cards and other materials to help students focus on vocabulary, phonics, etc. in your word study exercises.
  10. Homework Assignments - removable highlighter tape is extremely useful for marking documents without damaging them; your students will find that they can do homework assignments more easily and without damaging books (your school’s or their own!) by using the highlighter tape instead of highlighting pens, pencils, etc. to make notes.

These are just a few of the uses we have found for removable highlighter tape in the classroom; if you have found other innovative uses please share your insights with others by leaving a comment below!