Sight Words and Sentence Classroom Exercises January 22 2009

Is that a Verb or a Noun?

Quite often, its difficult to teach the simple parts of sentence structure to a child. Color coding the various parts of the sentence has been proven to make that easier, allowing them to instantly recognize what type of word each part of the sentence actually is, and associating it with other words of the same type.

Teaching these building blocks of vocabulary is an absolute necessity when it comes to helping your students to build their basic sentence skills, and what better way to teach them than a tabletop pocket chart. With more than fifty sentence strips and over 120 sight words that appear frequently, a child will learn rapidly to build their language skills.

Table Top Pocket Chart for Sight Words & Sentences

Sight words and sentences table top pocket chart.The Sight Words & Sentences Pocket Table Top Chart is particularly well suited to the early literacy classroom learning center or your home schooled child, providing a way for the parent or home tutor to offer  a small board that is geared toward individual learning such as takes place with the child who is home schooled.

Every word on the chart has visual clues to its context and acquiring the skills that it takes to build language skills will come more easily since the various parts of speech are color coded to help them to determine what type of word each part of the sentence is.

The pouch on the back of the chart stores the sentence strips and words easily, helping to teach such simple skills as putting things away at the end of the lesson. Help your child or student build the language skills that will help them to grow in reading, in vocabulary and in multiple other subjects by offering them a head start with the Sight-Words-Sentences.

Magnetic Sight Words

Another great early reading tool for sentence building, phonics, rhyming and parts of speech exercises is the Magnetic Sight Words set, which includes over 240 magnetic paper tile sight words and punctuation marks. Kids will have fun forming sentences on magnetic boards, the refrigerator or any metal surface.