Teaching Resource Center January Newsletter January 21 2009

Classroom Crafts Projects for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers and Kindergartners

Your preschooler or kindergartner might not have a classroom valentine party, but they can still celebrate by making some homemade valentines for family members.

Mom or dad can help them make these fun crafts to celebrate. Or, if you teach kids in a preschool or kindergarten classroom, why not try one of these easy Valentine craft projects with them this year?

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Young Children

Sure, kids get all excited about buying valentines for their classmates, but there’s nothing like getting a homemade valentine from a child.

This year, why not spend a little time with the special kid in your life and make some valentines to give out to family and friends? Try one of the following simple Valentine’s creations for young children. These activities are geared for grades one through three.

Beginning Blend and Digraph Sound Cards

Beginning Blend and Digraph Sound Cards Sound Cards (or "sound boards" as they are sometimes called) provide for students references for letters/sounds found at that beginning of words. For each blend and digraph there is a picture and key word to help students internalize the association.

When students read or write, the sound card is an easy reference when hunting for a letter for an associated sound. Also, this particular sound card helps students figure out word families.

Students can write the "rime" of the word family on a small card and slide it around the sound card to help generate more words. Heavy cardstock and coated for durability, large, easy to handle 9" x 12" size.

  • Great for reading readiness, word study, ESL, ELL.
  • Everything you need for your beginning reading curriculum.
  • Works in conjunction with the Words Their Way program!
  • Available in a set of five 9" x 12" cards. Our Price: $9.95 Sale Price:$7.95
  • Also available in a set of ten 9" x 12" cards. Our Price: $17.95 Sale Price: $14.95

Picture This!: Picture Sorting for Alphabetics, Phonemes, & Phonics

Picture This!

Teachers working with primary students, second language learners, and special education students will find this book filled with ready-to-use, hands-on templates for picture sorting (helping students hear and feel the sounds of the words) and word sorting (helping students see the patterns of the vowel sounds within words)-an excellent transitional step toward word sorting!

129 picture sorts are in a developmental sequence, increasing in difficulty and complexity. The sorts are organized in 5 sections: concept, initial consonant, blends and digraphs, short vowel, and long vowel sorts.

A brief introduction helps teachers match the appropriate sort to the developmental level of the students. Then, with teacher observation, the students can move through the sorts as their phonemic awareness increases.

Written by author Shari Nielsen-Dunn. Available now for only $22.95 and eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

Read the Author's introduction to "Picture This!: Picture Sorting for Alphabetics, Phonemes, & Phonics"