Spring Flower Craft for Children January 20 2009

Try this simple spring flower craft project idea for your classroom.Crafting is one of the best ways to get children to learn. Helping them to remember key points about a given lesson is far easier if you illustrate that with a hands on task. Making something delights the senses of nearly any child.

Creating their own small flower garden in an actual flower pot is a fast way to get them to understand what plants require to grow, and adding an extra little surprise makes it more fun along the way.

An Easter or springtime craft for  pre-school or elementary aged children that is age appropriate and teaches them a little about how plants grow is perfect for elementary aged children.

The sunlight, as we know causes plants to grow and to flower and ultimately to create the foods that we use every day. This craft will fit well into  teaching those lessons, or with beginning biology: production of plants, how the sunlight affects the earth or how food is produced.

This simple craft project is appropriate for elementary aged children as well as preschoolers and is a great way to spark some creativity in the classroom as well as to make learning about plant growth fun and interesting.

Materials Required:

  • Small (one or two inch) terracotta pots
  • Sheets of construction paper in varying colors, yellows reds and greens.
  • A large bag of lollipops, that will permit two or three per child.(we used Dum Dum Pops)
  • Safety Scissors, one pair per child.
  • Florists clay or small pieces of styrofoam that will fit into the bottom of each pot.
  • Glue sticks

Instructions to make the Spring flower craft:

  1. Each child will need two or three different colors of construction paper.
  2. You will need to cut flowers in three graduated sizes as the templates show.
  3. Cut three of each size of flower and the teacher will need to poke a small hole in the center of each flower .
  4. Layer a small flower, a medium sized one and a large flower on each stick making three layers of "petals".
  5. The middle of each flower will be the lollipop, which is part of what makes the project a bit more fun.
  6. The leaves will require a dot of glue to stick to the sticks of the lollipops.
  7. Situate a block of florist foam in the bottom of each pot and stick the lollipop stick into the foam to hold the flowers upright.

full sized template