Make a List: Words & Ideas to Support Writing January 20 2009

Make a List is a great word list resrource for vocabulary development.Wonderful words that can be combined by anyone to make stories that are totally their own; the book of word lists is one that can be used by elementary school kids.

The beginning of the school year offers a wonderful chance to begin, writing about family and oneself. There are several ways this can be used in the classroom in discussing what makes up stories and books, then having the children making their own books about their family or a favorite story.

Teachers can use this to integrate several different subjects, writing, and spelling, construction of story and books, numbering and oral presentation. Knowing and understand the concepts of how words and ideas fit together gives a firm grasp on building blocks needed later on in the higher grades.

During library time, elementary students can see how their books are put together and get ideas of how their stories are like the books in libraries. The Make a List resource has lists of words that help the students with different concepts of parts of language and homonyms if they have trouble finding the words they need. It is very helpful to have a list of action verbs instead of spending time thinking of them on your own, for the beginning writer who may not have read many books or have an expanded vocabulary yet.

Another way to use the word lists is to create a spider web of words that relate to each other and that may help students break through the times they encounter problems in figuring out what comes next. This exercise would also be useful for the students who are studying English as a second or third language and need a good reference tool for language comprehension and writing.

Make a List is a great resource for teachers who may need a reference in language arts and the use of words because the building blocks of words are so important for use later in both school and skills needed in everyday life, if these are mastered at an early age, then it will be easier for students to accomplish more.