Classroom Crafts Projects for Thanksgiving November 19 2008

Use colored construction paper and toilet paper rolls to make a simple turkey.

Teachers, if you’re looking for some creative ideas for Thanksgiving crafting projects in your classroom, we’ve got detailed materials lists and directions for a couple of fun projects for your students.

Turkey Toilet Paper Roll

Supplies and materials you’ll need

  • Two cardboard toilet paper rolls or one paper towel roll cut in half
  • Brown tempera paint
  • One sheet of heavy white construction paper or cardstock
  • One sheet of red construction paper
  • One sheet of yellow construction paper
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Markers, glitter pens, paint, and other decorative materials

Directions to Make the Turkey Toilet Paper Roll

  1. Cut one of the toilet paper rolls in half and discard one of the small halves. You should now have one whole roll and one half. Paint both rolls with brown tempera paint. Allow them to dry while working on the other pieces of the project.
  2. Trace the child’s hand onto one sheet of the white paper and cut it out. The handprint will serve as the turkey feathers. Have the children decorate the feathers with markers, crayons, glitter, paint, or any other materials you have on hand. Set this aside to dry as well.
  3. Cut out two eyes from the scrap white paper and use markers or crayons to add pupils.
  4. Cut out a gobbler from the red paper and two feet from the yellow.
  5. Stack the toilet paper rolls with the smaller roll centered on top. Staple them together.
  6. Glue the feet underneath the body so that they stick out in the front. Glue the gobbler so that it sticks out from between the two rolls and then glue the eyes above it.
  7. Staple the feathers to the back of the body, and now you have a cute turkey centerpiece or decoration!

Miniature Scarecrow

Supplies and materials you’ll need

  • Three Popsicle sticks
  • A variety of scrap pieces of yarn, including tan or brown for the straw
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Fine tip markers

Directions to Make the Miniature Scarecrow

  1. Glue two of the Popsicle sticks together in a T-shape to create the body, head, and arms. Cut the third stick in half and glue it to the bottom of the T in a V-shape to create the legs. (Depending on the ages of the children in your class, you may want to prepare this step in advance.)
  2. Have the children cut small pieces of brown or tan yarn for the straw and glue it over the hands and feet so that fringe hangs off the ends like a scarecrow.
  3. Next, take a larger piece of yarn for the shirt. Run a line of glue down the torso, and wind the piece around the torso. Cut the yarn and repeat this process with each of the arms to create a shirt. Make sure to cover the tips of the “straw” so it looks like it’s coming out of the ends of the shirt.
  4. Repeat this process with the pants, selecting a different color of yarn. Wind the yarn around both legs, covering up the tips of the “straw” to make it look like it’s coming out the bottom of the pants.
  5. Draw a face with the fine tip markers.
  6. Set the project aside to dry.