Teaching Resource Center November Newsletter November 05 2008

TRC Exclusive Publication New Releases
Tangram Alphabet

We have been working hard to republish all of our TRC Exclusive publications and so far we have 15 available to order.

Remember all orders for our books are eligible for free shipping on orders over $25 so pick any 2 books and order today and you won't pay shipping costs!

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Tangram Alphabet: Building Letters with Tangrams

* Develop spatial and problem solving skills
* Explore the alphabet
* Sharpen perceptual and letter identification skills

In this reproducible book children use tangram pieces to cover letters of the alphabet. Each letter puzzle is shown twice; first as a beginning puzzle that includes the outline of each of the tangram pieces within the letter shapes, and then as a challenge puzzle with out the tangram piece outlines within the letter shape.

Your students will sharpen their problem solving skills as they slide, turn and flip the pieces to fit within each puzzle. Included are suggestions for games to play and in the back of the book are tangram templates to reproduce for use with the book.

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My Very Own Poetry Collection First Grade: 101 Poems for First Graders

The poems in this personal poetry collection have taken into account themes and topics for first graders: poems about "me;" school, community, and our country; animal poems; math poems; science poems about life cycles and much more! The poems in the collection are from four to fifteen lines long.

Those within the beginning themes are simpler, including many high frequency words that children can use as anchors and a great deal of repetition to make the poems more predictable. Reading a poem in many forms makes it fun for first graders to practice and develop their reading skills. For individual, group, and whole class work, we've provided the tools you need.

Each poem has a student poem page with an engaging illustration. This enables children to create their own personal poetry collections. For group and center work, we've provided strips that fit into the Desktop Pocket Chart. We've also included instructions for enlarging the poems for use as poetry posters.

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TRC Literacy Task Cards Available in November


We are pleased to announce that beginning next week the long-awaited Literacy Task Cards developed by authors Linda Dorn, Carla Soffos, and Teresa Treat,! We have searched far and wide to find a supplier who could produce the task cards at a price that we hope will satisfy our customers and finally have found the right solution.

We will once again offer 2 sets of these powerful classroom tools each available in 3 levels (Emerging, Early and Transitional), for a total of 6 sets. Payment by either credit card or purchase order will be available on our website beginning next week. Look for our announcement early next week which will give you complete details on how to order your Literacy Task Cards for delivery at the end of November.

What are Literacy Task Cards?