Valentine’s Day Crafts for Young Children January 21 2009

Try these fun crafts projects on Valentines Day!

Sure, kids get all excited about buying valentines for their classmates, but there’s nothing like getting a homemade valentine from a child.

This year, why not spend a little time with the special kid in your life and make some valentines to give out to family and friends? Try one of the following simple Valentine’s creations for young children. These activities are geared for grades one through three.

Cookie Cutter Craft

Cookie cutters make cute crafts, and the recipient can always use them to make Valentine’s Day cookies. To make this cookie cutter valentine, you’ll need:

    * A heart-shaped cookie cutter
    * Cardstock or construction paper
    * A pencil
    * Safety scissors
    * A hole punch
    * Permanent markers
    * Ribbon or string

To make the valentine, trace the cookie cutter onto the cardstock or paper and cut out the shape. Punch a hole near the top edge of the paper (mom or dad may need to help with this). Write a simple message on the paper, and use the ribbon or string to tie it to the cutter. If you like, leave some extra string to hang it up.

Cupid’s Arrow Valentines

Why give out traditional valentines when you could give out unique handmade arrows? To make the cupid’s arrow valentines, you’ll need:

    * A pipe cleaner in a valentine’s color
    * Construction paper
    * Safety scissors
    * Fine markers, a pen, or a pencil
    * Scotch tape

Cut out a large heart for the arrowhead. Write a short message to your valentine on one side of the heart. Tape the heart to one end of the pipe cleaner. Cut out a 3-inch square and make a few cuts most of the way through the square to create fringe. Wrap the square around the pipe cleaner with the fringe facing out and tape it in place.

Heart Pencil Topper

Pencil toppers are a fun classroom gift and very easy to make. To make the heart pencil topper, you’ll need:

    * Scissors
    * Cardstock
    * Markers
    * A pipe cleaner
    * A pencil
    * A glue gun (for mom and dad to use, of course)

To make this pencil topper, cut a heart out of the cardstock. Write a message on it (think about the messages on candy hearts if you’re running out of ideas). Wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil, leaving an end sticking up past the eraser. You can wrap the end into whatever shape you want. Glue the heart onto the pipe cleaner so that it bobs above the pencil.

Heart Friendship Bracelet

    * BFFs deserve special gifts. To make this friendship bracelet, you’ll need:
    * Foil-wrapped chocolate hearts
    * One foot of ribbon
    * One foot of Velcro.
    * Glue

To make a valentine-themed friendship bracelet, glue Velcro onto the back of five of the chocolate hearts. Glue the other side of the Velcro along the length of the ribbon, leaving about three inches at either end. Stick the Velcro pieces together to adhere the chocolate to the ribbon. Tie the bracelet onto the wrist for a pretty Valentine’s Day statement.

Jell-O Cards

    * Not only do these make cute valentines, but they also smell good! To make a Jell-o card, you’ll need:
    * Newspaper
    * Construction paper (preferably in a dark color)
    * Glue
    * Jell-O
    * Crayons or markers

Cover your work area with newspaper. Fold a piece of construction paper in half to make a card. On the front, draw a heart or write a short message. Keep the front design as simple as possible. Write another message inside of the card, and make it as long as you want. Trace the front design with glue and shake Jell-O over it until all of the glue is covered. Let it dry. Once it’s dry, shake off all of the extra Jell-o onto the newspaper. Roll up the newspaper and throw it away.