Kids' Learning Games July 08 2008

Whether you’re a parent looking for fun and educational games for your kids to play at home or a teacher seeking new classroom games that make learning activities more fun for your preschool, kindergarten or grade school students, Teacher’s Corner offers plenty of great kid’s games.

Most Kids’ Games web sites offer online games but Teacher’s Corner is dedicated to offering you hands on interactive games that teach kids key skills like early literacy, basic math, sharing and teamwork and self esteem.

Games like the Build a Sentence Game will help young students learn grammar while having fun with tiles that help them learn to sort words and write complete sentences.

Race to Read lets kids learn to read with a fun NASCAR racing theme. This game helps improve vocabulary, how to use verb tenses, rhyming words and other early reading skills and is a great addition to your class or home schooling learning activities.

The key elements of games typically involve learning to set goals, follow rules, make up strategy, overcome challenges, and interact with others. Interactive educational games provide mental and/or physical stimulation and can aid greatly in developing children’s practical skills, personal self esteem and social interaction.

Another benefit of using games in teaching kids early math, reading and writing is the use of tools. Tools are an important part of many games that often helps define game play. By teaching kids to use tools, they become more adept in the requisite skills needed to use tools in accomplishing specific tasks.

Kids learn most effectively in an environment that makes learning fun and exciting, so interactive, educational games should be a staple of any primary school learning center. Read on in the Teacher’s Corner Kids’ Games section to find ideas, guides and tips on how to make learning more fun!